18th International Boreal Forest Research Association Conference

Our Boreal Our Future:
The Science, Policy and Practice of Addressing Change

June 5-9, 2017, Bangor, Maine, U.S.A.

Conference Announcement

Call for Abstracts

Please use the online submission link to the right to create a presenter profile and to upload your abstract document. This process involves creating a user name and password which allows entering and updating submission information anddocuments. Information and documents are securely stored and only shared with specific members of the abstract review committee for the 2017 IBFRA conference. Confirmation of your submisson and all other communications with the review committee will come through the email you used when submitting your abstract. The deadline for submission is February 17, 2017. Speakers and presenters will be informed by March 10, 2017. Accepted abstracts will be assigned to the most appropriate theme and session.

Session Proposals are Welcome

A research group, institution, project etc. is also welcome to propose and organize a session including selection of theme and speakers. If you are interested in proposing a session, please contact Head of the Scientific Committee, Christopher Woodall abstracts@2017ibfra.org prior to February 15, 2017.

Proposed Conference Topics

Confluence of Policy and Science
How can practical policies be developed in the context of emerging science and ecosystem/social attributes of boreal forests?

Emerging remote sensing technologies especially as it pertains to these remote forest ecosystems (e.g., Landsat, LiDAR, TLS, or drones)

Carbon Science
As these forests contain tremendous stores of carbon, refining our understanding of these carbon pools in the context of climate change is paramount to future trajectories of atmospheric CO2 levels

The influence of large-scale droughts, wildfires and pests is expected to increase in boreal forests with stark implications for ecosystem services provided by these forests

Current and Adaptive Forest Management
Current management practices will be examined in the context of future adaptive practices that may mitigate the negative impacts of climate change

Ecosystem Modeling
Emerging research that explores future trajectories in terms of productivity and resilience with policy implications

Engaging Communities
The practice of engaging communities to empower adaptation and improve sustainable management of boreal forest resources will be explored

The Future Forest Sector
The potential of the forest industry in the future boreal forest

Risks and Uncertainties in Boreal Forests
What is the role of the boreal forest in the global landscape and what risks and uncertainties are associated with these particular systems

Forest Biodiversity
Consideration of the full suite of boreal species especially those at risk in addition to the conservation and protection of unique boreal features

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